Frequently Asked Questions 


*NEW Hatteras Island Service Policy 

Currently, we are not serving all of Hatteras Island towns. OBX Beach house addresses on Hatteras Island within a 45 minute radius of Kill Devil Hills will be considered with a potential travel fee as long as there is availability. Please contact us to learn more about this new policy. 

Effective 5/19/2021. This policy is subject to change.

     What is OBX Endless Summer Childcare?

We are a childcare service that comes to you! This service is for anyone that is visiting the Outer Banks or locals that live in the area! Our sitters can come to your home, hotel or rental property. We service the following locations: *Avon, *Buxton, Corolla, Colington, Duck, *Frisco, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Manteo, Nags Head, *Rodanthe, Sanderling, *Salvo, Southern Shores or *Waves!

What is the cost per hour to book a sitter?

Prices varies based on time of year, duration of travel, number and ages of children. Please contact us for a quote. 


       What should I included in the "Message" part of the booking?

The "Message" allows us to get to know you and your family! Including number of children along with their ages, allergies or special services helps us in securing a sitter that will best fit your needs. Any information that you may feel is important for your sitter to know prior to arrival is appreciated as well. 

How far in advance should I make a booking?

We recommend you book as soon as you know the date you need services. We encourage families to book 1-2 months prior to their vacation dates, but we will try our best to accommodate if your booking past that timeframe. We are experiencing an increase in childcare needs for the summer of 2021. Staffing is limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

        Do you have a minimum number of hours?

We require that you book a sitter for at least 3 hours. If the sitter is there for 3 hours or less, a $22 travel fee will be added to the total for that day/evening. 

       What is the booking fee?

The $20 booking fee is in place for the provided access to our babysitters! You are required to pay the booking fee in order to have confirmation and to receive the sitter's information! We accepts different forms of payment.


We have some of the best babysitters on the beach available to you at the click of a button! Sitters are unable to provide services to you without going through OBX Endless Summer Childcare as we have an agreement. As vice versa, you cannot directly contact a sitter.

      Can I receive my sitter's contact information prior to meeting them?

Upon confirmation of booking, we will send you the website profile of your babysitter that will include their picture. Sitters are to not directly contact you until your requested time frame. They are unable to provide services to you without going through OBX Endless Summer Childcare due to our agreement. If you need to contact your sitter prior to the booking date, you may directly contact us at and we will pass along the information. Sitters may exchange contact information with you during your requested time frame. 

       What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life happens and are willing to work with you! However, the $20 booking fee is nonrefundable due to the coordination of providing the sitter. OBX Endless Summer Childcare reserves the right to cancel bookings without advance notice for any reason deemed necessary by management and specifically if management is concerned for the safety and/or welfare of our care providers.


        How can I pay my sitter?

Many of our sitters accept Venmo, cash and check. If paying by Venmo, please pay your sitter by using their personal Venmo. When paying by check, please write it out to your sitter's name. 

        Is there any other information you need after booking?

We appreciate any information about parking and gated communities. If you will be staying in a gated community, please send us the gate number! 

       Should I tip my sitter?

Sitters greatly appreciate tips! We expect our sitters to always exceed expectations. Tips can range based on the number of hours and amount of children. Anything is greatly appreciated!

Can sitters swim with my children? 

Sitters are allowed to swim with children. Please make sure you let them know so they can be prepared! We strongly advise you request someone who is CPR and First Aid certified for an extra precaution and reassurance.  


What about the ocean? 

Sitters will be happy to have a beach day with the children. The beach should have an ocean rescue lifeguard within vicinity for safety reasons, as the ocean is very unpredictable and can have strong rip-currents. Please have more than one sitter if more than 3 children in the ocean (unless parents will be there as well). We strongly advise you request someone who is CPR and First Aid certified for an extra precaution and reassurance.  


Can I request to have a specific sitter?

You may request a sitter, but please keep in mind that some have other jobs and obligations. They may not be available for certain days and times, but we will certainly try to accommodate your needs! 

You ask for credit card information? I don't know how I feel about this...

We understand giving your personal information gives you somewhat of an uneasy feeling. We ensure you that your details are safe and will be destroyed after being used. 


I have a child with special needs and may need extra care and attention...

We have sitters who have experience with special needs. If you are concerned please contact us at so we can discuss further.


How early can I hire a sitter and how late can they stay?

You may chose a time that best fits your needs. Please note: some sitters may be unavailable for early mornings. We know that nights out are unexpected with times returning, but please let your sitter know it is up in the air in advance.


****If requiring services in the day time: PLEASE be respectful and prompt when giving detailed times. Some of our sitters have other jobs they may need to get to after they finish services with you! 


Do you do overnight services?

Overnight services are provided, but not all childcare providers are available for this so please book in advance.


I am nervous about leaving my children in the care of someone that I do not know...

We assure you that OBX Endless Summer Childcare providers are the best of the best! All providers have a minimum of 3 years of child experience and are all over the age of 18, have been through a background and screening process in order to be hired.

If requested, childcare providers can keep you updated via text or by phone and  may send photos while

with your children so you can feel like you are there!


       I am attending a wedding on the Outer Banks do you offer services for this?

Yes, we do! If it is a large group of children, you may need to hire more than one sitter. Please allow the sitter to know when the wedding should be over and who will be relieving the sitter. We provide services for any other events! Please contact us above our wedding/special event policies.